Is It Safe To Have Sex With Animals ?

You probably know what i think of people having sex with ANY animal, its very very gross and not even humanlike. Yes it is a sick question to ask, but its a fact, people have sex with freaken barn animals!!!!!

I'd be concerned about the dangers of having sex with an animal with that many teeth and claws. People have been killed or crippled while having sex with animals. Sex with your dog might also be considered animal abuse. Sex with animals also called Zoofili.

Zoofili isn't something newly invented, something our 'modern depraved human brains have fallen into', in fact it goes thousands of years back in time, believe it or not. Already before the Hellas Empire (the Greek) there are legends of humans having intercourse with animals, or half animals. It's quite interesting to read those stories, as a woman, the male is played by an animal and the female by a human woman. Oftenly the texts are very detailed, and most of the times the women get pregnant, giving birth to gods, half- animals or humans with animal looks. Whether one should believe these stories or not, I don't know, but at least it shows us that even before our so called modern time there was some thought of animal intercourse.

You cannot get pregnant because you are of different species. It may be possible for you to pass an STD to your dog. You can certainly pick up diseases from your dog -- as others have mentioned,the dog is outdoors and sniffing around "dirty" things more than we are -- likely, it is exposed to more bacterial and fungi, etc., that can be transmitted to you. Remember that genital surfaces are great places for pathogens to be introduced.

Generally speaking, the STIs (sexually transmitted infections) we associate with person-to-person sexual contact, including HIV, cannot be transmitted through sexual contact between humans and animals because these infections are species-specific. There are a number of infections that are known to cross the species barrier, but these are not the STIs that concern most humans — for more information, check out the archived response to Bestiality. If you remain worried about potential disease risk with any type of sexual activity, follow safer-sex guidelines — such as wearing a condom — in each and every one of your sexual encounters.

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what the fuck?

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what the fuck?

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