Jayne Kennedy Leon Isaac Kennedy Sex Tape Leaked Watch and Download

Jayne Kennedy (b. November 27, 1951, Washington D.C.) is an NAACP Image Award-winning American actress, model and sportscaster.

Born as Jane Harrison, she was crowned Miss Ohio USA in 1970 (she was the first African American woman to win the title), and was one of the 15 semi-finalists in the 1970 Miss USA pageant. It was rare for an African American woman at that time to be in the contest. While starting her modeling career, she met Leon Isaac Kennedy, who was a DJ and a struggling actor/writer. They fell in love and married in 1970. Motown's Smokey Robinson served as best man at the wedding.

They moved to California to pursue careers in acting. In 1978, she was one of the first women to infiltrate the male-dominated world of sports announcing with a role on The NFL Today. She has been on the cover of Ebony and Jet magazines numerous times. In July 1981 she became the first African American actress to grace the cover of Playboy magazine. She and Leon Isaac posed together for a pictorial in the same issue, but none of the pictures showed her nude.


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This video details how immature Leon and Jayne were in the art of making love, the length and style of her hair, this was after her appearance on the NFL Today when she changed to this style and length indicates this was around 1978. There is no deep sensual slow motion love making for an hour or more. The anal sex appears as if he's attempting to inflict pain only, moving to fast and banging her hard, the size of her anal shows excessive anal sex and this is his wife they had bizarre kinky sexually habits. Her oral sex is good, but the vibrator portion is ridiculous. Again no finesse sensually using her tongue over his penis head and testicles. Whether Jayne or Leon is on top they look like amateurs, again no slow sensual motion to be a married couple this was just Porno. When Leon got on top he rapidly bang Jayne hard, no slow sensual sexually motion and he couldn't maintain an erection, kinky. Married couples together 24/7 for years develop expertise and finesse in comprehending there partner sexual desires. This was embarrassing, because it demonstrated very little sexual experience and kinkiness in there love making. Leon and Jayne stated their divorce was mutually agreed, transparent to the public it created animosity, releasing this sex tape prior to her NCAAP Image Award was embarrassing.

It was insinuated that this sex tape contributed to Jayne Kennedy's exile from Show Time and eventual eviction from California. This was a total fabrication. My girlfriend at that time idolized Jayne Kennedy like a Goddess, many women did. They scorned Jayne Kennedy for her moral indiscretion she commit with Bill Overton. It was astonishing to comprehend that a woman of Jayne Kennedy's statue would succumb to a married playboy, allow him to seize total control of her mind, indiscretion of stealing Kathleen Bradley husband, coercing him into marriage by getting pregnant by him, for a pimp she pick him up at a neighborhood garage sale and Leon Kennedy was her husband when it started. Why Jayne permitted a just sex relation(rumored started in 1977 on the Cover Girls set ) to escalate into sacrifice my life for you, initiated the biggest living tragedy in Hollywood history the dethroning of a Queen, Jayne Kennedy. Why Jayne Kennedy contemplated a blissful future with a man who abandon his wife of 2 year (plus 1 separation/divorce) and 1 year old daughter for her was INSANITY. The most celebrated black celebrity in history, descended “Hello Humph-Dumpty” she lost the architect of her career, her knight in shinning armor because of her indiscretions, persona descended further “Tramp/Taboo” the moral indiscretion of coercing marriage by getting pregnant before marriage, destroying another celebrity blissful dreams by stealing her husband. Today she was celebrated by fans, respected by movie Moguls, image of Vanity Fair Cosmetic and Jovan Cologne, her dynamic radiant image ignited STOP, LOOK and Browse, partner with Leon in Jaleon and Kennedy Productions, produce a line of women sport apparel, special appearances on sitcoms, exercise video, her pretty face open many door of opportunity and of course her Knight in Shinning armor Leon Kennedy at her side, projected earning potential of over $100 million dollars. Next day, her climax with her Knight in the movie Body and Soul was their last Ha-Rah, the few remaining opportunities after her divorce from Leon vanished when she married Bill Overton, she was ostracized throughout the country, scorned by movie Mogul and Sponsors, twilight of her radiant image , fans, friend and celebrity formed vigilantes, visibility was reduced to charity events. She was a Queen who sacrificed her Crown and all her Jewels for a pimp she pick-up at a neighborhood garage sale. I ponder she had a very turbulence marriage did she ever contemplated returning to the garage sale for a refund.

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Wats the oddessey rant ur too invested

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