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Katrina Halili (born Maria Katrina Iren Pe Halili on January 4, 1986) is a Filipina actress, commercial model and music producer. She made her screen debut via StarStruck, but did not gain popularity until playing the antagonist roles in Darna, Majika and MariMar and becoming the protagonist in One Night Only, Gagambino and Magdusa Ka.

Katrina Halili entered the Philippine show business and immediately made a name for herself. Katrina's popularity soared due to her beautiful face and sexy body which is fantasized by every man in the Philippines.

Katrina Halili was born in Quezon City on January 4, 1986 but however grew up in El Nido Palawan and took her early education there. Katrina first tried her luck into showbiz through the StarStruck Talent Search of GMA-7 and she convincingly get the nod of the judges and the viewing public.

In 2005, she shocked the Philippines with her sexy and daring pictures in the cover of FHM Philippines' December issue. A year later, she was voted as the FHM Philippines' sexiest Filipino actress and she bagged that award again in 2007. Katrina Halili is the only Filipino Celebrity to have won the title twice in a row.

Due to her beauty, appeal and looks, Katrina is called the "Paris Hilton of the Philippines" by some movie critics.

After Katrina's stint in Starstruck, she was caste in "Stage 1: The Starstruck Playhouse" and "SOP Gigsters". It was followed by "Joyride" and "Forever in My Heart" as Janelle in GMA Network.

In 2005, Katrina was included in the cast of "Love To Love - Season 6: Wish upon a Star" and season 9 "Miss Match". She was then given a big break when she played villainous in Angel Locsin's "Darna". She played the roles of Carol as the Black Darna.

Due to her superb performance in "Darna", Katrina again appeared in an Angel Locsin fantaserye starrer "Majika" in 2006 which given Katrina a venue to further improve her acting. It was followed by "Ang Ganda ng Lola Ko" and "Atlantika".

In 2007, Katrina Halili was again featured in an action-fantasy series together with Richard Gutierrez in "Lupin". Her acting prowess, honed by her previous casting in various GMA-7 primetime series, was lauded by critics in her performance as Angelika Santiba�ez in the hit series "Marimar" topbilled by Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes.

2008 was a better year for Katrina Halili. She was featured in "Sine Novela: Magdusa Ka", a TV remake of a hit movie way back 1986. She plays here the lead role and critics again lauded her for her superb performance.

Due to her previous superb performances, Katrina was given yet another break by her mother studio by alloting a one week special for her. She starred in the first four episodes of "Obra" for the month of August, 2008. Her episodes were "Misteryosa", "Bayaran", "For Love Of Money" and "Taong Grasa" which featured Katrina Halili in four different roles. She worked in those four episodes with great actors and actresses namely Ian Veneracion, Deborah Sun, Richard Gomez, Carmen Soriano, Eddie Garcia, Polo Contis, Eugene Domingo and many more.

After her "Obra", katrina was casted in "Gagambino", a fantaserye topbilled by Dennis Trillo which tooped the charts during its airtime. It was followed by "Dear Friend" and again as villain in "Rosalinda", a local TV remake of Mexicanovela of the same title topbilled by Carla Abellana.

Katrina's first movie was "Kilig... Pintig... Yanig", followed by "Sablay Ka Na, Pas away Ka Pa" then "Gigil". She was then included in the main cast of "Super Noypi", a fantasy film that was an official entry to the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Another fantasy/horror movie was given to Katrina in 2007 titled "Shake, Rattle & Roll 9" in the episode "Engkanto" where she played the role of Engkanto. This movie was again an official entry to the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival making Katrina in the film fest in two successive years.

Katrina however has only one movie for 2008 titled "One Night Only" and a cameo role in a Korean movie "Romantic Island". In 2009 however, she started with suspense-thriller movie "Sundo" opposite actor Robin Padilla. She is also castes in "Dalaw" and "Miss X".

The toughest test to Katrina's career came when she was involved in a sex video scandal with her boyfriend Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. Katrina and Hayden was shown in a video doing their thing, with Katrina not knowing their act was secretly filmed by Hayden.

The video was distributed in the internet and to the DVD retailers not only in the Philippines but also to other countries in Asia. The video however doesn't only involved Katrina but also upcoming actress Maricar Reyes.

The issue reached the senate floor and Katrina appeared in the senate hearing about the sex video scandal. Katrina also filed libel case against Hayden's mother but it was later dismissed by the court.

The case against Hayden is still in the courts and Katrina continued with her showbiz career.

Katrina Halili After the Sex Video Scandal
Katrina has finally moved on from the impact of the sex video scandal that involved her and Dr. Hayden Kho. Her first major TV project is "Rosalinda" opposite Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann. Katrinaplays the role of Fedra Perez who is infatuated to Fernando Jose and tries to do everything to stop Rosalinda for loving Fernando Jose.


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